Advanced Micro D-3

New Advanced Micro D-3
New M.E.D.S Technolgoy - Advanced Lipid Science 
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Optimized Micro D-3

Micro D Post Card

 What is Micro D-3?
Micro D-3 is an optimized form of Vitamin D. Unlike other Vitamin D, Micro D-3 is superior in formulation quality, particle size, delivery technology, absorption and bioavailability. Other products require synthetic agents like polysorbate 80 and propylene glycol to emulsify and preserve the formulation. 

Micro D-3 is 100% All Natural and achieves up to 10 times greater absorption 
than its synthetic competition

Vitamin D-3 doses have been steadily increasing from 400 IU to 2000 IU per day. And, in many cases, Doctors and Healthcare Professionals are recommending doses in excess of 5000 IU per day.

Using Micro D-3 can be a Safe and Effective way to significantly increase Vitamin D levels.   Micro D-3 leverages the power of our new breakthrough delivery system (M.E.D.S Technology), and reaches blood levels of Vitamin D-3 that are up to 10 times higher than other soft gelatin capsule and liquid formulations.

At less than $0.03 cents per drop (SRP), Micro D-3 is also very cost effective  .   

What is M.E.D.S Technology
M.E.D.S Technology is our new and advanced way to solubilize lipids or lipophilic actives for dietetic applications. Our technology utilizes smart, gentle and environmentally friendly methods, and adheres to a strict philosophy of using only natural and safe materials. The result is an unsurpassed delivery and bioavailability of essential fat soluble vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin D-3.

M.E.D.S Technology’s superior qualities include:
- All Natural Ingredients
- Smaller particle sizes (30-60nm)
- No synthetic emulsifiers
- Enhanced nutritional, physiological, and organoleptic profile 


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