The liver is often overlooked and under appreciated, but taking care to protect and regenerate the liver is essential to achieving optimal wellness.
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Overlooked and Under Appreciated
A Healthy Liver is the Gateway to Optimal Health
The liver is the largest organ in the body and it plays an important role performing many difficult functions essential for life.  Without the liver, life would be impossible. The health of the liver is a key factor in the overall health and quality of one's life.  A healthy liver is the key to achieving optimal health and well being.

"...because the liver is a source of  many diseases, and is a noble organ that serves many organs, almost all of them: so it suffers, it is not a small suffering, but a great and manifold one"  Paracelus (1493-1541)

PPC is a membrane therapeutic with proven efficacy in hepatocyte repair, regeneration, and metabolism.  PPC is the richest source of 1,2 Dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine (1,2 DLPC), the main active ingredient.
DLPC has a high bioavailablility and an affinity for cell membranes. DLPC is readily substituted for endogenous PC and plays a major role in determining membrane fluidity and thus also the biological membrane functions.

The key to optimal health and a better life lies with the cell membranes, and especially the liver membranes.

For more information regarding the importance of PPC in the liver please view or download the following information (PDF).
Download or view PDF.  A three (3) page PDF outlining various origins of liver intoxication, and the broad therapeutic applications and unique mode of action of PPC.
Download or View PDF.  A one page summary highlighting liver health and the importance of PPC in hepatocyte repair, regeneration and metabolism. 
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