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LiverFlo Xtra
Ultimate Liver Support Pack

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  • 1 LipoZome B Complex Sublingual Spray
    • Liposome Delivery System
    • Full B Complex Profile
    • Includes Methyl Folate, Biotin, L-Carnitine
  • 2 LiverFlo

    • PPC - Polyenlphosphatidylcholine (PhosChol)
    • Silymarin (Milk Thistle)
    • Glycyrrhizinic Acid (Licorice Root Extract)
    • SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine)

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Detox | Cleanse | Reset

The Liver Support Pack reinforces LiverFlo with a little additional metabolic support. The holistic benefit of the LiverFlo Support Pack extends far beyond the Liver to include the gut, brain, heart, blood vessels, cell membrane therapy and so much more!

You cannot achieve great health built upon a weak and shaky foundation. This protocol provides the foundational building block nutrition and dosing you need to restore cell membrane integrity, mitochondria health, and liver metabolism.

The Liver Protocol Bundle is the highest quality, most comprehensive multi-faceted liver support available. A powerful and complete combination of Clinically Significant Ingredients and pharmaceutical grade and patented delivery technology. This outstanding combination has been administered by doctors for several years with amazing results. We are now offering it for a short time at this amazing low price.

The Liver Protocol Includes 2 bottles of our patented LiverFlo, 1 - 60 Count Bottle of PhosChol, the leading healthcare practitioner brand of PPC, and our liposomal B complex with Methylfolate, L-Carnitine and Biotin.

At total of 13 Active and Clinically Significant Ingredients perfectly dosed and delivered for optimal absorption, bio availability and results.

Detox, Cleanse and Reset

A Unique and Clinically Supported Mode of Action for Liver Health and Whole Body Wellness.*

1. A Cell Membrane Therapeutic to restructure and restore cell membrane integrity including organelles like the mitochondria and especially liver mitochondria.

2. Normalize cell permeability

3. Activate membrane-bound enzymes and receptors

4. Improve cell metabolism

5. Increase blood flow properties

6. Reduce radicals and peroxides

7. Increase aminopropylation

8. Increase transsulfuration

9. Increase transmethylation

10.Improve fat metabolism

11.Stabilize bile

12.Stimulate liver cell restructure, repair, regeneration and detoxification

Clinical Validation

More than 500 clinical studies confirm the pharmacological results of the compounds and the benefits of optimizing hepatocellular metabolic functions.

If you are struggling with a sluggish liver and maintaining good health The Liver Protocol makes it easy to get back on the right track.

The Road to Good Health Goes Through the Liver!

"...because the liver is a source of many diseases, and is a noble organ that serves many organs, almost all of them; so it suffers, it is not a small suffering, but a great and manifold one." Paracelus (1493-1541)

The Liver Support Pack combines two of our top selling products at an amazing price. Great Health Starts with a well functioning liver and we do not want price to get in the way of your good health.

For Optimal Liver Health and Function:

3 LiverFlo Capsules - Twice Daily
6 Sprays Liposomal B - Twice Daily

The Complete LiverFlo Story

Our US Patented LiverFlo is a one-of-a-kind liver product that provides superior metabolic support and liver protection. LiverFlo provides clinically significant ingredients that are therapeutically dosed (Based on Clinical Studies) and delivered in a dual capsule inside a capsule technology that ensures the absolute best absorption of each individual ingredient. The Outer Capsule contains a PPC emulsion of Glycyrrhizin and Silymarin and the "Enteric Coated" slow-release inner capsule has PPC Emulsion of SAMe (S-Adenonsylmethionine) to guarantee the best absorption and bioavailability.

Liposomal B Complex with Methy Folate, Biotin and L-Carnitine is provided to help further increase liver cell and mitochondria function, methylation and transsulfuration, among others. The combination of PPC and B Vitamins has long been considered a synergistic combination for liver health and function.

Thousands of users have had great success utilizing this combination. You can use the support pack for both long term liver health and for shorter term detox protocols. The Liver Support Pack easily fits into any detox or reset program and supplies 30 days of superior, therapeutically dosed liver nutrition.

LiverFlo is Serious Liver Support for Anyone Serious about Liver Health.
  • 4 Clinically Dosed and Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
  • A Significant Value Compared to Purchasing Ingredients Separately
  • Patented Delivery System (US Patent: 10,172,801 Bl)
    • Significantly Increases Absorption and Bio-availability
    • Improves Biological Activity and Results
  • Clinically Proven Synergistic Actives
    • 500 Plus Clinical Studies Demonstrate Positive Results

The Intelligent Combination of Synergistic Ingredients and a Breakthrough in Liver Support.

3 LiverFlo Capsules Deliver Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients:
  • 900mg PPC
  • 250mg S-Adnenosylmethionine
  • 250mg Glycyrrihiza glabra L. (Glycerrhetinic Acid 65mg)
  • 135mg Milk Thistle (108mg Silymarin)

LiverFlo is an advanced patented liver formulation and delivery system with clinically significant ingredients for liver health. LiverFlo utilizes pharmaceutical grade, and therapeutically dosed ingredients that work physiologically and holistically to improve liver function.*

Advanced and Patented Delivery System:

A unique enteric coated, capsule inside a capsule delivery system (Dual Capsule Technology), and therapeutic dosing based on scientifically valid clinical studies, ensures the best possible absorption and the best possible results.

The combination of four clinically significant and synergistically active ingredients, Advanced Micronized PPC Liposomes to increase absorption and bioavailability, and a Delayed Release Dual Capsule Technology can be considered a new breakthrough in hepatic protection and Function.

LiverFlo: The Most Advanced Liver Health Supplement
  • US Patented (US 10,172,801 Bl)
  • 4 in 1 Support w/ Synergistic Actives
  • Pharmaceutical Grade and Therapeutically Dosed
  • Micronized Liposome Delivery System - Delayed Release Dual Capsule Technology (enteric coated capsule inside a capsule)
  • Over 500 clinical studies confirm synergistic activity of the active ingredients
  • Active ingredients have been administered world wide with great acceptance and proven efficacy

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5 of 5 Wonderful Product July 8, 2021
Reviewer: Tracy from San Diego  
This is a wonderful product.  I have purchased 3 times and plan to keep using it.  This product made my liver enzymes normal again.  My doctor said my liver was much better and continuing to improve.  I also just feel much better since using the product.  My brain seems clearer and I feel like I have more energy and focus.  Plus I have noticed an improvement in my hair and nails.  My nails are growing faster and stronger and my hair looks much better and healthier.  I would recommend this product.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Highly Recommend March 18, 2021
Reviewer: George from USA  
One organ that I think many forget about is the liver. I am just as guilty. Being the main filter, it should be a top priority, but detox seems to be focused in other parts of the body. My mom has Parkinsons and we have tried so many different supplements and have stayed away from much of her prescribed meds. It made her too drowsy and she just was not herself. She been on Liverflo in combination with PPC and it has been 3 months. She can definitely feel the difference in her digestive system and overall elimination. Her comment is that she does not feel as if she has that spare tire and bloated feeling. Also, cognitively she feels a ton better, way more alert and an increase in overall energy. I can tell a huge difference when speaking to her on the phone. Without a doubt, I recommend LiverFlo. Thanks!

Was this review helpful to you?

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