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PPC Kids Liquid - Liposome Orange Cream
PhosChol - PPC KIds
#1 Healthcare Professional Brand Since 1982

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  • New Easy Dispensing Packaging
  • Creamy texture and orange cream flavor
  • Liposome delivery system
  • Contains purified pharmaceutical grade PPC
  • Supports healthy cell membrane formation*
  • Provides nutrient support for the brain*
  • Supports liver cell protection, function and regeneration*
  • Supports gut repair*
  • Helps improve cell membrane integrity and cell metabolism*
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PhosChol Kids is Our Newest Liposome PPC For Kids (and adults too)
  • Delicious Orange Cream Formulation
  • Liposome Delivery System
  • Dosed For Kids - 1000mg PPC/5ml tsp.
  • Tasty, Creamy, And EASY for Kids to Take
  • Same Pharmaceutical Grade PPC as PhosChol
  • Formulated in a Base of Organic MCT Oil, Magnesium, Potassium and Curcumin

Finally after 35 Years...a PhosChol Liquid Formulation that tastes great and is easy to take...EVEN FOR KIDS!!! No more juice chasers, mixing, masking, or plugging your nose. Just a creamy, delicious, orange cream that will make administering to anyone a breeze.

We know you are going to love the new great taste and creamy liposome delivery system.

PhosChol kids uses the exact same same pharmaceutical grade PPC as PhosChol liquid Concentrate.

There are 48,000mg of purified PPC per 8oz and bottles which equates to 48 - 1000mg doses. Of course you can always double the dose for children over 80lbs. and for adult use too.

PhosChol is the leading professional brand of pharmaceutical grade PPC (polyenyl-phosphatidylcholine). In fact, over 100 million doses have been administered by doctors in the United States alone. Since 1982, PhosChol has stood alone as the best source of purified PPC. PhosChol delivers the highest concentrated source of 1,2 DLPC, which is responsible for PhosChol's superior efficacy.

Life happens on the membrane and purified PPC (PhosChol) provides the building blocks essential to cellular membrane repair, regeneration and function.

Like bricks of a wall, cellular membranes act as barriers to protect each cell and organelle in the human body, maintaining cellular structure, function and co-operation.

Membranes are an essential building block for life as cells, tissues, organs and ultimately an organism cannot be formed without them.
When membrane damages are present, PC is in high demand to help form, proliferate, restore and regenerate cell membranes and to enhance membrane-dependent metabolism.

Without PC and cellular membranes life as we know it would not be possible.

PPC Supports The Gut - Brain - Liver Connection

The use of purified PhosChol is both physiological and holistic and acts primarily on cellular repair, regeneration, proliferation and metabolism, with special emphasis on vulnerable organs such as the liver. Based on the extensive clinical and pharmacological data available from a broad range of pathologies, we believe PhosChol can play a fundamental role in the gut, liver, brain connection often discussed in many childhood health concerns.

We have identified several areas of correlation and concern in which the biological activity of purified PPC/DLPC has been clinically shown effective. PhosChol and its primary active ingredient PPC/DLPC has shown to be useful in these areas:
  • Leaky Gut Repair
  • Enhanced Neurological Processes
  • Liver Detox and Cell Membrane Repair and Regeneration
  • Increased Glutathione Production and Restored SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine) Levels
  • Improved Mitochondria Function - Especially in Liver Cells

What are People Saying about PhosChol PPC - We have Received Thousands of Testimonials Since 1982 - Here are Just a Few

Kate, ME
PhosChol was prescribed by a nutritionist for improved brain functions...Great Results...I recommend you buy this product!

Andrea, CA
My son has autism and almost immediately after starting this product his speech improved. I highly recommend this product.

Julia, TX
Amazing product! Helping my son's speech tremendously! Thank you for making it available to purchase online!

Carli, AZ
PPC should be a staple for children on the autism spectrum. This is the best results we've seen and it's our first time using this brand.

Liz, MD
I heard about this product when I read the book CURE YOUR CHILD WITH FOOD from Kelly Dorfman! I took the same ingredient for my kids but this wasn't liquid! Now I am happy to get it as a liquid which will help me giving it to my child! Everyone who has problems with their child with Dyspraxia - read the book above and buy PPC! Especially for children the liquid is great!

Lynn, CT
Amazing! It's helped my son's speech!

Marie, FL
PhosChol Concentrate was recommended by my sons' doctor as well as a speech pathologist. My son has a neurological speech disorder and ADHD. He is seven years old now and we've been using it for four years. We have found that when he is on PhosChol Concentrate as well as fish oil and a "perfect" vitamin E that he is more focused and has better verbalizations. When he is off of it he slips. Of course, check with your physician before giving your child anything. We have our doctor's guidance to help us as natural products are powerful. Of course, everyone is different, but you only need a little bit to work.

Anonymous (But feedback like this means the world to us)
I'm blown away. I have a 2.5 year old son who has an extremely rare gene mutation (only 15 known worldwide). One of the issues is motor planning difficulty which affects EVERYTHING. His movements have always been kind of "slow motion." He has been diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech. He walks with a walker and is transitioning to a little cane. His receptive skills are that of his peers, but he is nonverbal. He takes a prescription mitochondrial "cocktail" that helped immensely with his energy level. Then, I began therapeutic dose of fish oil and later added vitamin e complex. Within 2 day of the fish oil, he began vocalizing!!! I kept debating about the PPC. In the book, "Cure Your Child With Food" by Kelly Dorfman, she suggests the PhosChol PPC can be the missing link (fish oil + vit e+ PPC) for apraxia, which is a motor planning disorder. Frustrated that his progress had been at a standstill for several months, I decided to take the chance. Within 24 hours of the addition of PPC, I noticed his signs were more coordinated and faster. When I would tell him to wave bye bye, there wasn't a 10 second pause before it happened...it was immediate. Over the next several days, his therapists and family members began to notice!! Within two weeks, he is taking steps without his walker! He said his first words!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled with the results and am about to order our second bottle!!! Thank you for helping to give my son his voice and control of his body!!!!

PhosChol is the holistic and physiological way to optimal health and wellness

Doctor Recommended PhosChol is 100 percent pure polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC), with up to 52% DLPC. In fact, PhosChol delivers the highest available concentrated source of dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine (DLPC). No other product can compare.

We encourage you to take the time to learn about PhosChol and discover why PhosChol may be just what your body needs.

We recommend speaking with your doctor about the many health benefits of PhosChol and to determine if PhosChol is right for you. If you are seeking a safe and proven alternative than PhosChol may be what you are looking for.

Your doctor may not know about PhosChol and how it may be able to help you. When speaking with your doctor about PhosChol, we recommend providing them with a copy of the PhosChol brochure. You can download a copy of the PhosChol brochure or request a brochure be sent to you.

Most doctors who learn about PhosChol, usually prescribe it to their patients!

Over 100 million daily doses have been sold to doctors in the United States alone, with no known side effects, contraindications, or interactions. PhosChol is trusted even with long-term use.

The Gold Standard

  • PhosChol is the first and only 100% pure source of Polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC).
  • PhosChol delivers 900mg of purified PPC per softgel capsule, and 3 grams of purified PPC per measured teaspoon of liquid concentrate.
  • PhosChol delivers more than seven times the PPC content of any other store brand.
  • PhosChol contains up to 52% DLPC.
  • PhosChol may enhance cell membrane related physiological processes.
  • PhosChol is bio-available (greater than 90% absorption), and contains no other phosphatides that compete for absorption.
  • PhosChol is safe and clinically proven effective.
  • PhosChol is trusted and recommended by doctors.

PhosChol is a 100 percent pure source of polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC) and an oral therapy for use as a membrane therapeutic. With its special ingredient 1,2-dilinoleoylphosphatidylcholine (up to 52%), PPC is theoretically of importance in all disorders in which damaged membrane structures, reduced phospholipid levels and/or decreased membrane fluidity are present. This hypothesis is supported by experimental and clinical investigations on various membrane-associated disorders and illnesses.

Pharmacological investigations, a broad range of clinical trials, and other available data on PPC and its different modes of action, demonstrate that PPC acts primarily through its influence on membranes. As cell membrane changes and damages occur in many disorders, PPC's therapeutic approach in man is a physiological and holistic one.

Diagram depicting the main reason for the therapeutic advantages of PPC over other phosphilipids.

In numerous clinical studies, purified polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC) has been shown to:

  • Help sustain healthy cardiovascular levels
  • Support hepatocyte protection
  • Help maintain membrane fluidity
  • Aid in Gastric Mucosal Protection (from NSAIDs damage)
  • Provide neuronutrient support
  • Boost the immune system and protect against opportunistic infections
  • Improve Physical Performance

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Works well for my child May 25, 2021
Reviewer: Karen  
I have now purchased 3 bottles for my 8 year old son.  He can be picky sometimes with liquids and definitely pill but he is able to take this with no issues.  I also really appreciate their customer service. I had many questions about PPC and spent about an hour on the phone and they took the time to explain it all in a way that was easy to understand and it really made sense.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 PPC for brain May 17, 2021
Reviewer: Anne from Maryland  
PhosChol was suggested by nutritionist for improved brain function

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Good product May 17, 2021
Reviewer: A. C. from TN  
My Son has autism and almost immediately after starting PPC his speech improved.

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